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Biblioteca Economia Sebastiano Brusco

Novità in biblioteca

Viale J. Berengario 51

Foro Boario

41121 MODENA


Referent: Annamaria Alfonsi

Tel.: 059 2056972




Wi-Fi : Rete Unimore o Eduroam

Accesso disabili: Total access


La Biblioteca di Economia “Sebastiano Brusco” è chiusa per lavori di consolidamento. La riapertura della Biblioteca è prevista per l'autunno 2024.


Giorni di chiusura

    Sospensione servizi al pubblico per lavori
  • dal 05/07/2024 al 30/08/2024

Services Info

Purchase suggestion


Interlibrary loan (ILL)

Available. Ask further informations to the library.

Document Delivery (DDL)

Available. Ask further informations to the library.

Internet stations

Not available.

Reading and study stations

Not available.

Photocopy and PC printing

Availables for a fee.


Not accepted.

Antique and historical material consultation

Not available.

Regulation and service charter

Link to the regulation



Amount: 3 documents;
Duration: 30 days.

Libri di testo

Amount: 3 documents;
Duration: 7 days.


Amount: 2;


Amount: 2 documents;

Self loan

Not available.

The library is specialized in economic and social disciplines; it disposes of a rich collection of periodicals. In particular it is composed by a vast number of the most important Europeans’ and Americans’ journals.

Loan (whithout appointment)

In order to offer the best service in this period of closure, students are highly recommended to make their loan’s request on BiblioMo.

Students are allowed to borrow only books, and in particular those bought from March 2021.

Everyone can benefit from this service, with some differences according to the type of user (external, students, professors, ecc.). To know more about click here.

Inter Library Loan

The service is available only for academic users and libraries.

To know how the service is delivered click here.

Documents’ supply

The service is available for academic users and libraries.

To know how the service is delivered click here.

Books return

Books can be returned at the information desk during the established hours. No online appointment is needed.

Other services

  • Assistance during the bibliographic research
  • Courses and seminars on Information Literacy
  • Courses and seminars onBloomberg (only for users from Unimore)
  • Courses PCTO for students from secondaries schools of the territory